In 2023, our workforce is facing an epidemic – burnout. More and more people struggle with feeling like they are an overworked cog in a machine. This feeling is contagious and spreads quickly if there isn’t a change in the workplace culture that makes employees feel not only supported, but respected and appreciated. And it starts by building a culture of wellness.

As the Baby Boomer generation is aging out of the workforce, past  employee expectations are also aging out. Studies show that Gen Z and Millennials expect wellness to be a crucial part of their workplace and are more likely to say that these perks influence their decision when choosing a future employer. 

Changing a company’s culture doesn’t happen overnight – and it can’t be done by just one person. It takes a community and Sweat to Reset is here to work alongside you to enhance your workplace and support your employees. 

Sweat to Reset categorizes wellness in five pillars:

  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental Health
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Nutritional Wellness
  5. Social Well-being 

Physical health is what first comes to mind when we talk about wellness and more and more people are viewing it as a priority. In 2021, the number of Americans exercising at least once per week increased to 72 percent compared to 67 percent in 2020. Sweat to Reset movement sessions are adaptable and available for individuals at all fitness levels! Whether someone works out five times per week or has worked out five times a year, stretching, pilates, yoga and deep breathing exercises have huge benefits to help people recenter and recoup during the day. 

Keeping your mental health protected is critical when it comes to fighting burnout and keeping morale high. In fact, 78 percent of exercisers said that mental/emotional well-being was the number one reason for exercising while 76 percent said that physical well-being was the number one reason, according to research company Mintel. For the first time, people are recognizing that supporting your mental health is just as important as supporting your physical health. If this is what the community is prioritizing – shouldn’t this be reflected in the workplace? Employers have the amazing ability to empower employees to be successful and recognizing this need exists is one of the first ways to go about that!

Our third pillar of wellness  is emotional wellbeing. Strengthening your emotional health allows for better communication skills, increased emotional intelligence, and helps you to understand why you feel a certain way which creates a cleaner funnel for communication between friends, family and colleagues. Clear communication is one of the most vital aspects of the workplace – it is where we can see the most growth both interpersonally and relationally. Emotional wellness influences how your employees not only hear what you are saying to them, but how they receive it.

Even if you are exercising every day, what you put in your body is just as important! Proper nutrients keep energy levels high, influence emotions, impact sleep cycles, and power the brain. When you eat well, it influences the rest of your life! When you are consuming a variety of different, nutritious foods, you not only are enhancing your longevity but are creating a lifestyle that fuels you to be more productive throughout your day.

In addition to everything that happens internally, external factors are crucial when establishing a culture of wellness. STR supports social well-being through making sure the movement sessions are fun, energizing and allow for team building opportunities. If you have noticed a lull among your team, studies have shown that individuals are also more creative and energetic after they workout, leading to an additional sense of comradery. In fact, nearly half (43%) of all MindBody consumers say that community is a very important part of wellness experiences, with men more likely to say this than women.

As we work together to fight the burnout epidemic, it is crucial to look at things from every angle. On average, it takes $30,000 to replace an employee. Instead of hitting ‘restart’ hit ‘reset’ as we work together to not only help your bottom line, but to support and demonstrate value to those you work with everyday!

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