What are corporate movement programs?

Corporate movement programs are custom-designed, functional fitness sessions to help employees reset from the stress of work. We help teams connect through movement and return to work pain-free. Sweat to Reset creates low impact, guided programs which activate muscles that may have gone inactive through the workday and get movement through the body.

How long does a corporate movement program last?

Extra time, who has that? What’s great about Sweat to Reset is flexibility. You can schedule a one-time team building experience or set up programs on a recurring basis. Sessions are customized based on your schedule. Sweat to Reset is meant to help you live stress-free so worrying about fitting in a movement program should not be a concern! Sessions range from a quick 20-minute stretch to a 60-minute movement program. We create custom functional movement plans for your company based on what you and your team are looking for.

How many people can attend a corporate wellness event?

For the safety of your team and the best experience, we recommend no more than 20 attendees per session. For virtual corporate workout experiences, we can hold sessions with more attendees. For additional questions about attendance, please contact Sweat to Reset here.

What type of movement programs does Sweat to Reset offer?

Sweat to Reset offers many custom-movement programs that are great for team building and overall employee productivity. Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and Pilates HIIT are three popular movement programs created and customized by the Sweat to Reset team based on the movement level, program experience (in-person or virtual), class size, and other key factors.

Where is Sweat to Reset located?

Sweat to Reset provides in-person movement programs for organizations in Chicago, New York City, and Indianapolis. For companies outside of Chicago, New York City, and Indianapolis, virtual programs are available with the Sweat to Reset team. For more information about our in-person and virtual programs, please fill out this contact form. Click Here

How is Sweat to Reset different?

We understand time is the most valuable currency and spending an hour a day at the gym is not practical for the busy, working professionals. We create effective programs focused on mindful and functional movement. These custom programs result in a more holistic approach to training, ultimately leading to healthier and happier employees. 


How advanced are the Sweat to Reset programs?

Let’s face it, some corporate fitness programs are way too advanced or not fun at all. Sweat to Reset tailors plans fit for all fitness levels. Every person attending a fitness session has the resources and personal attention for an inclusive, engaging, and empowering workout. We welcome all movement levels to our programs.

How does Sweat to Reset work?

Wherever you are and whenever you need, Sweat to Reset brings movement to you and your team, refreshing your mindset and increasing productivity. Choose an online or in-person experience for you and your teammates. At Sweat to Reset, we live by four key values: Movement, Optimal Health, Vitality, and Empowerment. Learn what MOVE really means to us by visiting our About page. Click Here


Does Sweat To Reset offer private 1:1 sessions?

In addition to our movement programs designed for all fitness levels, we also offer individual, one-on-one movement programs. Our certified team is always ready to provide top-notch private sessions based on what you are looking for. If you and your team are located in Chicago, Illinois or Indianapolis, Indiana, in-person classes are available. Are you located outside of Chicago, New York City, or Indianapolis? From the West to the East Coast, Sweat To Reset is available virtually for corporate or individual movement programs. This is a great option for individuals who work from home or companies that have teams in various offices.

How do I book a session with Sweat to Reset?

If you’d like to book a session with Sweat to Reset, please visit the contact page or send a direct email to the team at [email protected]